If You Manage A Fleet Of Vehicles, It’s Time To Consider Implementing A GPS Tracking System

GPS Vehicle Tracking Industry Customers - Success Stories

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“Keeping GPS Simple”


"We have been utilizing your system for seven months. Our initial test worked so well we are implementing your system through-out our entire branch network. Not only have we been able to demonstrate cost savings but the system has increased the safety factor."

B&B Medical Services Inc. (Little Rock Branch)
Little Rock, AR

"Right when we first started using TEXAS GPS DIRECT, I logged in and saw a driver that was way out of her way. I was able to see this error and call her. She was quite surprised when I was able to tell her where she was and help guide her to her destination."

Piepho Moving & Storage
Onalaska, WI

"Your product has helped us keep a tighter reign on our employee's movements. They are much less likely to run personal errands, go home early or waste time when they know we are looking. I was even able to match up trip routes to gas card purchases to ensure that our company is not paying for gas in personal vehicles."

Carolyn Smithburger, Wallmark Service Company
Prince Fredrick, MA

"Very happy with TEXAS GPS DIRECT tracking devices. They help keep track of employees and the freight they are carrying with the added benefit of clearing up any discrepancies with customers regarding time of delivery."

Dave Webster, Fragile Freight.

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