If You Manage A Fleet Of Vehicles, It’s Time To Consider Implementing A GPS Tracking System

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“Keeping GPS Simple”

Referral Program

"Can you show me an example of what I can earn?

  • Let’s say that you are a company which currently has a 10 vehicle GPS Fleet Tracking System.
  • Then you refer us to a company which has 30 vehicles. That company then buys a system for their fleet.
  • You would then earn 30 months of free tracking service.
  • That equals 3 MONTHS of service for your 10 vehicles! To whom do I refer you to?

Anyone you know who may be part of a fleet type business:

  • Friends and Business Peers
  • Introduction at Association
  • Meeting or Business Club
  • Other Divisions of Your Company
  • Suppliers to Your Business

What can I earn?

  • The program is a simple “1 to 1” basis. Earn 1 month of free service for every 1 new vehicle which is signed up from your referral.

Earn months of free service by telling peers, friends and business associates about your new money saving GPS Fleet Tracking System.