If You Manage A Fleet Of Vehicles, It’s Time To Consider Implementing A GPS Tracking System

Web-Based Tracking Interface

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“Keeping GPS Simple”

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  • Easy-to-Use Interface from any Internet PC
  • View Entire Fleet on One Map
  • Utilizes Google Based Maps
  • 4 View Options—Map, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain
  • On-Demand Location for Easy Dispatch
  • Set Text Messages and Email Alerts for: GeoFences, Excessive Speed,
    Excessive Idle ,Odd Hours Usage, Stop Duration Alert, Sensor Input Activity
  • Setup to Monitor Fleet Groups and Subaccounts
  • Create PolyFences, (i.e. GeoFences in any shape)
  • Show Route Lines Between 2 Locations
  • Adjust Landmark Size Radiuses
  • Schedule and Choose From 15 Automated Reports
  • Data Stored for 6 Months
  • USA, Mexico and Canada Maps