If You Manage A Fleet Of Vehicles, It’s Time To Consider Implementing A GPS Tracking System

Go Green With the Installation of GPS Tracking Devices on Your Fleet

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Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions


Can your company truly claim to have a “go green” initiative? Many companies struggle with how to create a legitimate and impactful program beyond recycling efforts. But now there is a way to significantly add substance to your green program by using a GPS fleet tracking solution. There is no better way to start a green initiative at your company than the use of such a system.

Very seldom does “going green” coincide with “saving money” but that is exactly what happens when you implement a fleet tracking system.

According to the Aberdeen Group, “Companies who use MRM (mobile resource management) services have seen a 19.2 percent reduction in miles traveled since using the service. This factor results in less fuel consumption, which represents nearly 98 percent of the carbon dioxide emitted into the environment.” Tom Natale, co-founder of Pro View Systems, Inc., says, “It is extremely important in today’s society that enterprises recognize ways they can reduce their carbon footprints.”

Use digital GPS fleet tracking to see where your vehicles are every minute on your PC screen. Get instant alerts on your email or phone. Set geofences, speed limits and more. Lower your fuel costs and increase productivity. Our easy-to-use web interface let’s managers have all their critical fleet information with the click of the mouse. Companies realize an ROI within weeks of using the system simply by the positive change in driver behavior.

Look at the ways our environment and your company are positively influenced:

  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Reduced Tire Wear and Waste
  • Lower Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • Less Paper Maps with Better Dispatching
    Company Saves on Vehicle Costs
  • Your Company is Viewed as Environmentally Friendly
  • Employees Will Feel Part of a Significant “Go Green” Program